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The r-THREE system combines the functions of Pan/Tilt/Zoom, Camera controls and Video feed for up to three remote cameras into an easily portable and compact solution. Setup and breakdown time is minimal - there are few components and cables to connect. With only one cable needed for each camera, the reduction in size, weight, and setup time is truly a help to YOU. With the ability to place cameras up to 600' from the operator it is possible to put the cable where it is easiest and quickest to place, not in a straight line where it gets in the way.

Reliable Single-point Camera Control

A single videographer can control up to three cameras and PTZ heads simultaneously using a Grizzly Pro system. This reduces your expenses (or number of volunteers needed) to get a professional three camera shoot. You are in control! Reduce your worries about whether your second shooter can keep a shot in focus or not. Control your safety shot to get more than a minute or two of usable footage.

Multiple Outputs Cuts Editing Time

Each of the PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) heads uses a standard Cat5 networking cable to bring video feed to the interface box. This cable also sends camera commands, camera status and power for the PTZ head.

The interface box gives you five composite video outputs: program, preview, and one for each of the cameras. By attaching a video capture device to the program channel, as you switch from one camera/view to the other, this program is captured. There may be little editing needed for a fully functional event program recording. For a smooth, frame synched switch capability choose the r-THREE LS option when ordering.

Super Smooth Responsive Heads

The Pan/Tilt is built on the venerable Bescor MP-101 head with a replaced controller. The upgraded Grizzly Pro controller is a high performance microprocessor driven motor controller with video feed and camera function control (Zoom etc) integrated into the unit. This keeps the system price and size as low as possible while providing the highest level of performance. If you've used the Bescor before ... this is not your father's Bescor!!

Pan and Tilt Robotic Heads

Pan and Tilt functions are independently controlled with 100 different speed settings in all four directions compared to 1 to 17 speed settings for other pan/tilt heads. This high level of control makes it possible to smoothly follow a bride coming down the aisle or follow a pacing speaker during a training session. You can control up to three cameras from a single controller. That means, once you buy a base system which includes one PTZ head and a controller/interface, you can add additional PTZ heads (up to three total) at a later time.

Reliable Camera Command and Control

Camera control of the zoom, focus, power on/off, record start/stop and other functions (for LANC cameras and some Panasonic cameras) is interpreted and sent from the processor embedded in the r-THREE PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) head. Then the camera feedback/control information plus the composite video signal is sent to/from the r-THREE interface box via a standard Cat5 networking cable (600+ feet possible). This system is a much more reliable long distance camera control than trying to extend a LANC cable far past the recommended distance.

Portable Power

The r-THREE and r-THREE-LS systems can be powered with the wall power supply or can be operated from any clean 12v source. A light belt with a 4-pin XLR makes an excellent power source when AC power is not available. This makes it possible to use the r-THREE in an outdoor wedding or other unusual remote setting.

New price point with the r-ONE

In response to customers who have asked for a lower cost single camera solution we've developed the r-ONE. This system uses the same components as the r-THREE but the firmware has been re-architected to allow the controller to operate a single ptz head without the interface box. Since the interface box contains the necessary functionallity to operate from a 12v battery belt, the r-ONE can only be operated from AC power. Any r-THREE can also be operated as an r-ONE with the addition of a 24v power supply.


All YOU need to add for a complete portable system...

  • Cameras with LANC control or Panasonic
  • Tripods or stable mounting brackets for PTZ heads and cameras (light stands work great)
  • 1 or 2 system powered monitors
  • Up to 5 monitors giving views of the Preview channel, Program channel, all three of the unswitched camera views from the interface box.
  • Audio System

r-THREE Controller

The control head is similar to a game controller (with their millions of hours of ergonomic testing). With very little practice it is possible to perform very smooth follow shots with the r-THREE.

  • Not necessary to have a flat surface to operate
  • Can be mounted on the end of a boom
  • Power on/off and record start/stop buttons on controller
  • Alpha-numeric display shows the time code and possible warnings
  • LEDs give a one-look indication of the recording status for each of the three LANC cameras
  • Switch to any of the three cameras with the simple push of a button
  • With the LS option, switching is frame synched and can be recorded or projected.
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r-THREE Interface Box

The interface box of the r-THREE is the connection point for the controller, r-THREE PTZ Heads, video and power connections. Includes:

  • 5 - Video out connectors - Program, preview, 3 - camera
  • 12v power - standard 4-pin XLR connector
  • 2 - powered monitor connectors (Self-powered Grizzly Pro monitor cables are offered in either RCA or Phono plug option depending on type of monitor desired)
  • 3 - Cat5 connectors to cameras/PTZ heads
  • 1 - Cat5 controller connector
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r-THREE PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) Head

The r-THREE PTZ Head is built on the venerable BescorMP-101 head with a replaced controller. The upgraded Grizzly Pro controller is a high performance microprocessor driven motor controller with composite video feed and LANC/Panasonic camera function control (Zoom etc) integrated into the unit. This keeps the system price and size as low as possible while providing the highest level of performance.

Because of the state of the art computer technology, the video feed will give you remarkably good video quality that can be used in a live switch environment.



For best performance use a camera that is less than 6 lbs. The r-THREE will easily accommodate Sony PD-170, Panasonic AG-DVX100 and Canon GL-2. The Canon XL-1 and XL-2 are a bit heavy for good performance.

List of Supported Cameras

LANC equipped cameras (Sony and Canon) offer the broadest range of camera control including:

  • Zoom
  • Focus
  • Autofocus On/Off
  • Exposure control
  • Start/Stop Record (all three cameras start simultaneously, syncing becomes much easier).
  • Record status indicator
  • Power On/Off
  • Time code display
  • 5 minute tape remaining warning
  • Low battery warning

Due to the limited nature of the Panasonic remote interface the r-THREE can only control Zoom and Start/Stop record.

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